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Tour Dates

upcoming events
19/20 okt 2022 daytime
soundsetup for S
teppin into Tomorrow / DEEPTRAX RECORDS/ADE /SISSI'S amsterdam basement listening setup
22 okt 2022 early morning after /smooth sexy wake up / sound KLIPSCHORNS / location unknown yetAmsterdam
21 oktober 2022 night sound setup for Likeminded / ADE/ CANVAS Amsterdam
Breakfast Club 25 juni 2023 sound setup for TaleOfBus
de School Amsterdam 13 aug 2023 sound setup Klipschorn for TaleOfBus 
Jopenkerk Haarlem 29 sept 2023 sound setup Klipschorn for Colleen Cosmo Haarlem Vinyl Festival
Sexyland World Amsterdam 21 okt 2023 sound setup Klipschorn for Likeminded Worldwide 


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